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paw.gif Skin & Coat Care  paw.gif

Your pet's skin and coat can reflect its general state of health and can be affected by allergies, parasites or systemic disease. Check the dermatology section for skin diseases.

A good quality balanced diet is very important for a healthy coat.

To maintain your dog's coat and skin in a healthy state requires regular brushing with an appropriate brush or comb or grooming mitt and keeping the skin clean with a quality shampoo.

Many shampoos are available for various coat types and skin conditions. The doctors at Northwood Animal Hospital will be happy to recommend an appropriate shampoo for your pet.

Bathing frequency is also important. Bathing too frequently can dry or damage the skin and coat.

Remember to clean the ears regularly also. This is one area where prevention is everything. Cleanings at least weekly with an ear cleaner specific for pets can prevent infections that frequently become severe, painful and debilitating conditions.

The doctors and technicians will show you how to start your young puppy getting used to brushing and ear cleaning to avoid difficulties later.

With the revolutionary flea control products now available, control of these parasites is finally easy. We can now virtually eliminate skin and coat problems secondary to cutaneous parasites.

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