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Your pets are part of your family and you want them to have the best quality of life.  We are pleased to offer the most advanced laser therapy equipment on the market to deliver those results.  For over 30 years laser therapy has been used to successfully treat conditions in humans.  Laser therapy also has many benefits for your pet!  Your pet will not feel any discomfort during treatments.  Often, pain medications can be reduced or eliminated after laser therapy treaments.

Conditions that can be improved include:

paw.gif Arthritis               paw.gif Acute & Chronic Pain

paw.gif Back Injuries        paw.gif Sprains & Strains

paw.gif Inflammation        paw.gif Edema

paw.gif Wound Healing

Benefits include:

paw.gif Non-surgical treament

paw.gif No patient sedation or restraint required

paw.gif Extremely safe with no side effects

paw.gif Can be combined with other medications or other arthritis treatments

paw.gif Immediate results:  Most treated pets feel better in 12 to 24 hours after treatment

paw.gif Speeds healing process

 Click the video below to watch Shadow and his owners success with laser therapy! 

Exclusive Offer

New Clients receive 50% off the initial exam   

THIS ---->https://northwoodanimal.vetmatrixbase.com/about-us/services/laser-therapy.html

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