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Pets are living longer healthier lives than ever, thanks to advances in diagnostics and treatments for a variety of health problems.

Since our pets cannot tell us how they are feeling, an annual physical examination is paramount. Subtle changes not observed by a pet owner may be identified by our veterinarians before severe symptoms occur.

Early diagnosis greatly enhances treatment options and success, as well as often decreases costs associated with treatment.

Since disease progression is often accelerated with age, geriatric pets should see their veterinarian at least twice a year. Cats and smaller breed dogs are considered "geriatric" over 10 years, larger breeds as early as 5 or 6 years. Rabbits and ferrets over 4 years are considered "geriatric."

Geriatric patients should also be evaluated for hidden problems with a blood profile and urinalysis annually. These tests are even more important if certain symptoms are present, such as increased water consumption and/or urine production; change in body weight or condition, exercise tolerance or appetite; or change in coat quality.

Some human medications can be toxic to pets. Never administer medications without first checking with your veterinarian. Classic examples are Acetominophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofin (Advil) which can be severely toxic even at low doses.

At Northwood Animal Hospital our doctors and staff pride themselves on having the knowledge, skill and equipment to offer the finest medical care possible.

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