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The doctors at Northwood Animal Hospital have a combined over 40 years experience in surgery.

Pre-anesthetic blood profiles are routinely recommended to assure the safest anesthetic experience for your pet.

Spaying and neutering, declawing, cosmetic surgery, and other routine surgeries are done daily at Northwood Animal Hospital.

Tumor removal and biopsy are essential procedures in diagnosing and treating cancer and keeping your pet free from life-threatening growths.

General orthopedic surgery including repair of medial patellar luxation, fracture repair, etc., restore your pet's mobility and comfort.

Hernia repair, abdominal surgeries such as exploratory, splenectomy, gastropexy, etc., correct life-threatening diseases or disorders to give your pet the best chance at a long and healthy, happy life.

Isoflurane anesthesia is used routinely to provide a safe procedure and a rapid recovery.

Close anesthetic monitoring is an essential part of every procedure done at Northwood Animal Hospital.

We also now have a CO2 surgical laser available making declaws and many other surgeries less painful.

A wide variety of pain medications are available to assure a comfortable recovery for your pet.

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