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We give important instruction on home dental care to help keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy and to aid you in discovering dental problems early.

Tartar control diets are used to help control tartar buildup on your pet's teeth while providing ease and convenience to the pet owner.

Routine cleaning and polishing are emphasized to keep your pet healthy and prevent dental problems and secondary problems that may affect your pet's longevity.

Extractions, abscess treatment, fillings, or root canals are sometimes necessary and recommended and are available at Northwood Animal Hospital.

Isoflurane anesthesia is used routinely with dentistry to provide the safest anesthetic procedure, the most thorough dental care, and the most rapid recovery.

Close anesthetic monitoring assures a safe dentistry.

Pre- and post-dental antibiotics are available when necessary to prevent systemic problems related to dental disease. Non-anesthesia prophy and polishing is now available to help maintain your pet's dental health after an anesthetic procedure, or for those pets with healthy gums, or extreme anesthetic risk.

paw.gif Non-Anesthetic Dental  paw.gif

At Northwood Animal Hospital we are happy to provide anesthesia-free dental care to dogs and cats.  Our vision is to provide our clients with superior oral care for their pets and to educate pet owners on the importance of dental care in the overall health of their pets.

We conduct a 7-step professional teeth cleaning, performed without the use of anesthesia, which offers pet owners an alternative method for cleaning and maintaining their pet's teeth. 

Our technicians are highly qualified to perform a thorough dental cleaning on your pet without the use of anesthesia.  Our technicians have a solid understanding of the oral cavity in both cats and dogs and also they have the ability to recognize pathological tooth abnormalities that can cause further health problems in our pets.

Most importantly, extreme patience and a gentle way with animals are what make our technicians successful at gaining the complete trust and confidence of pets, allowing them to perform thorough teeth cleanings.

Please note that Northwood Animal Hospital offers non-anesthetic dental Monday through Friday. 

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