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Your pet's behavior plays a major role in the bond you share. While behaviors can be among the most endearing traits individual pets possess; problematic behaviors (such as aggression, excessive barking, digging, destruction of objects and inappropriate toilet behaviors) can develop.

Behavioral problems must be categorized as primary or as secondary to a physical ailment; such as urinating on the carpet due to a urinary tract infection. Therefore, a thorough medical history and examination are the first steps toward properly categorizing and treating the physical ailment and/or primary behavioral problem.

Primary behavioral problems must be appropriately dealt with as early as possible. Many owners unknowingly contribute to their pet's inappropriate behavior; such as "comforting" a dog who is barking excessively.

While medications are often helpful, the foundation of a treatment for a primary behavioral problem is behavior modification. These specialized training techniques are tailored to the lifestyle of the individual pet and owner to gently redirect the behavior into a healthy, enjoyable solution.

Behavioral counseling allows us to resolve annoying behaviors and help you and your pet once again enjoy a life of companionship.

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